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What clients say about my service:

"... Ros your pictures are amazing...."

"... Great photo of the gang. Thank you ever so much...."

"... the best picture by the best photographer! thank you, ros!..."

"... Fantastic pictures...You are such a fantastic photographer...."

"... Great work! On time! Pleasant Attitude! Hire her again and again. :)..."

"... "Thank you for all the awesome photos!!!..."

"... Thanks Roswitha! The pictures turned out AMAZING!!!!!!! Seriously, each one of them was incredible. The colors were so vibrant and you did such an amazing job of capturing the event. We really appreciate it!..."

"... The photos are absolutely beautiful, creative, funny, and they capture the whole zanny night!!! You are the bomb! Could not be happier! Thanks so much..."

"... I still can't get over the photos you took. I go through them every other day. They are so delightful, and they really captured the relaxed spirit of the event and the people. You did a great job..."

"... Nice photos Roswitha !! You are very talented ! Keep up the Good work..."

"... Thanks a million, Roswitha. The pix are just GREAT !!.. we had so much fun going through them...""

"... Houston pics, simply fabulous. Thank you so much Ros, you're an absolute pleasure to work with..."

"... Thanks Roswitha for your outstanding photos!..."

"... I like All of Your Pictures… your work Magic…"

"... Our event photographer, Roswitha Vogler did a marvelous job capturing the evening! Thanks Roswitha!!! I will definitely be recommending this amazing woman to everyone! She smiled and made everyone feel so comfortable in front of the camera all night and was completely tireless (well she didn't show it at least-- and our crowd likes to party late!)... vielen danke Roswitha! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!..."

"... I've downloaded your photos and am very pleased. We have plenty of great ones to use. Thank you for working your magic with the crowd. I'll get them added to our site today to share and share them with our members.
Thank you again so very much. We certainly look forward to working with you in the future..."

"... Thanks for getting these to us so quickly Roswitha; I greatly enjoyed meeting you and your husband. Thanks for the truly awesome job on the photos..."

"... Thank you very much! Your time and generosity is much appreciated. Your photos are beautiful and captured the vibe of the event nicely..."

"... Roswitha Vogler is an AWESOME photographer, and a wonderful soul!!! She controls the outcome of each photograph with an extraordinary gift. For those that didn't know, now you know! Check her out!..."

"... It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate you taking photos and posting them. That truly means a lot and you captured the essence of the night. They came out great! ..."

"... Thanks for capturing this event and sharing your wonderful pictures. Great job Roswitha! ..."

"... Thank you so much Roswitha for the photos. Again you worked your Magic !! ..."

"... Roswitha, thanks! These turned out so nice. I loved the fish pictures!!! You captured the spirit of the evening! ..."
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